Richael, Pérez & Karen Host Luminosity: A Healing Experience within Multiracial Space

On Monday, August 28,  Richael, Pérez and Karen will host, Luminosity.: A Healing Experience within Multiracial Space.

Luminosity, curated by all three practitioners, is an internal healing experience, among invited organizers from The Movement 4 Black Lives coalition in DC. This experience is offered for organizers specifically, from a recognized need for healing at an individual level and among organizers.

The intention of this experience is to acknowledge and release hurt, pain, and trauma inflicted from white supremacy on our individual and interdependent psyches. Our shared goal will be to (re)-establish deep self connection, cultivate resources, and feel held within communities dedicated to the end of racialized terrorism.

We come together, in long pause, to touch the tender parts of ourselves and our ecosystems so that we do not replicate harm in our lives, our kindred, and our movements. We show up, at both a vulnerable and precious political and cultural moment, to revel in our love-sourced power & transformative vision.

Luminosity is inspired by two previous multiracial healing gatherings.

Although this first phase of Luminosity is by invitation only, if you are interested in learning more about The Movement 4 Black Lives coalition in DC, you can connect with coalition groups including Black Lives Matter DC, Showing Up for Racial Justice DC, and API Resistance.


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