Introducing our new name: Oxalis Collective


Hello dear ones,

It’s been an incredible few months as our work together has blossomed and developed. The three of us came together this past spring when there was clear synergy between our paths, our skill sets, and our desire to bring the beauty and power of healing to groups doing social justice and activist work.

So far, we’ve hosted our first webinar, offering some introductory tools for integrating, self-care and healing to those who joined us. If you missed it, and would still like to access the information, you can purchase a download of the video and resources here.

The mandala we created at Luminosity, the multiracial healing space we facilitated in D.C.

At the end of August we hosted our first in-person event, Luminosity: A Healing Experience Within Multi-Racial Healing Space, for The Movement 4 Black Lives Steering Committee. It was a honor to be invited to create a space for healing, and for acknowledgment of our full emotional, spiritual and embodied selves. You can read a brief reflection about this opportunity, and the mandala we created as a central activity, here.

This week we’re off to facilitate a retreat for a reproductive justice organization, and are looking forward to the opportunity to build and grow with a group of activists working with Black women and girls during this challenging time.

As we’ve strengthened our collaboration, we’ve also revisited what we call ourselves. While healing curation is the bulk of what we offer, it does not encompass fully who we are. In that vein, we’re excited to announce our new name–the Oxalis Collective!

IMG_7318 (1)
The flower that inspired our new name–Oxalis Triangularis.

Oxalis is a flower that inspired us in our exploration for a name that could hold all the aspects of our work. First off, it has three leaves, beautifully representing our triad and it’s shape. Secondly, it’s a resilient plant that grows quickly and plentifully. Pérez has one in their indoor garden which was discovered abandoned in their backyard but now has flourished indoors, multiplying rapidly. Lastly, it’s a flower that really embodies what it means to build resiliency through rest. In the evening, as the sun fades, the leaves fold down. In the morning, they spring up again, allowing the plant to absorb the light once more.

Of course we as big proponents of plant medicine, and of the lessons that the natural world has to teach us. And in this challenging time, the pattern of the Oxalis, to fold down, rest, and regenerate each night, symbolizes the work we all must do to survive this incredible marathon we are all running for social justice. We hope that our offerings help many to rest in that way, to connect with the myriad of tools available to us for healing, wellness and self-care.

So thank you for your warm welcome into this space, and we hope this new name resonants with you too!

In solidarity,

Oxalis Collective Members Miriam Zoila Pérez, Richael Faithful and Karen L. Culpepper

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