You Are Not Alone: Bringing Forth Evolved Ancestors In Our Activist Work (Webinar) on October 8

The Oxalis Collective is excited to bring its first in-depth webinar with one of its members, Richael Faithful, this upcoming weekend on October 8.

You Are Not Alone  is a virtual space intended to deepen our integration of ancestral presence and support in our political work–a deeper dive from July’s webinar, Creating Healing Spaces in Activist Groups.

What we’ll cover:

  • Share why righteous ancestral support is necessary in activism;
  • Map out the role of ancestral assistance in the African American shamanic tradition of conjure;
  • Explain the ways in which political movements have long-relied on specific kinds of ancestral support;
  • Provide specific examples of creative integrations of elevated ancestors into movement spaces from curation work;
  • LIVE: develop ideas about ancestor integration with webinar participants.


Tickets are sliding scale, $10-$30. You can either join us live on October 8 or receive the recording as part of your registration. 

Reserve your space here.

Last but not least, we highly encourage anyone who hasn’t seen our first webinar, Creating Healing Spaces in Activist Groups, to consider our bundle.  On a sliding scale you can register for We Are Not Alone and receive a recording for Creating Healing Spaces. 

See you on the interwebs!

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