Oxalis will be at Allied Media Conference (June 14-17)

At Oxalis we’re busy preparing to attend the Allied Media Conference next week.

The AMC is an incredible gathering of activists and media makers. There is a really vibrant healing justice track this year, and we’ll be presenting our brand new workshop, Healing Uses of Plant Technology, on Saturday from 11am-12:30pm. We’ll also be participating in a podcaster meet up too!

AMC is an important space for skill sharing, networking and gathering with other incredible activists, media makers and healing justice practitioners. To help support our attendance at AMC, we joined up with the Healing Justice podcast team to collectively fundraise to offset the costs of travel and lodging. If you have extra to spare, we’d so appreciate your contributions.

And if you are attending AMC, please come say hello!

Lastly, if you haven’t listened to our last few episodes of Tonic, we brought you a very special live episode with updates from some of our first Tonic question askers, and last week we had an episode jam packed with updates in addition to a question about suppressed emotions and substance use.


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