Oxalis Triangularis is a plant that inspired us in our exploration for a name that could hold all the aspects of our work.

First, it has three leaves, beautifully representing our triad and its shape.

Second, it’s a resilient plant that grows quickly and plentifully. Pérez has one in their home which was discovered abandoned in their backyard but now has flourished indoors, multiplying rapidly.

Lastly, it’s a plant that really embodies what it means to build resilience through rest. In the evening as the sun fades, the leaves fold down.  In the morning, they spring up again, allowing the plant to absorb the light once more.

In this challenging time, the pattern of the Oxalis, to fold down, rest, and regenerate each night, symbolizes the work we all must do to survive this incredible marathon for justice. We hope that our offerings help many to rest in that way, and connect with the myriad of tools available to us for healing, wellness, and care.