Vision and Values


The Oxalis Collective believes that spaces and institutions where people gather to vision, strategize, and grow relationships can be more impactful.  Rooted in a healing justice model, our framework links individual and collective wellbeing.

Our theory of change follows what is called a cascade effect–the more supported and whole people feel in all aspects of their being–the better poised they are to be more powerful in achieving their purpose.

Essentially, we believe that if we are not working toward our own wellbeing, we cannot influence the wellbeing of others. Our goal is to create space for individuals to take care of themselves in service of the larger mission, and to shape a healing-oriented culture that allows our movements to thrive.


      • We believe tending to our wholeness is “the work.”  Our wellbeing is not separate from the change we wish to create.
      • We believe people and processes matter as much (or more) than outcomes.
      • We believe healing justice intrinsically supports an intersectional lens. Our wholeness brings robustness and richness into our movements.
      • We believe a healing justice framework maintains the integrity of our movement’s justice missions. It can serve as a prophylactic against erosion of core group principles.
      • We believe it is a priority to distinguish healing work that needs to be done at the individual/interpersonal level and at the group level. Although they are closely interrelated, they are distinct, and require different types of care and support.
      • We believe healing justice practice is an empirical way of sustaining movements.