Join us for Tonic: Live! in DC

Tonic Live! IG


Join us live as we celebrate 6 months of recording Tonic Podcast. We wanted to create an opportunity to meet the listeners in our community and show gratitude for the support we have received since we began!

We will be reflecting, giving updates on previous phone-a-healer submissions and taking new questions. We encourage folks to submit a question through Eventbrite when you purchase a ticket and we will create space for a few of our guests to ask their question live during the show. We’ll also have a special gift for attendees as a take-home healing treat.

Join us at Potter’s House in DC on Sunday, April 22 from 2-4pm.

Tickets available here for purchase and if you aren’t able to attend, you can buy a pay it forward ticket to allow someone else to join us.

Oxalis Offering Multigeneration Healing Blueprint at Creating Change

Photo of a glass corridor and door at the end with radiant colors.

Oxalis at Creating Change

We’re excited to share that we’ll at The Creating Change Conference, the largest national LGBTQ activist gathering, which will be hosted in Washington DC this year.

Oxalis will curating Multigeneration Healing Blueprint, a dimensional and participatory experience, in the Many Paths Gathering space–the conference’s faith and spirituality home.

This offering is only intended for people of color attending the conference.

More details are below. Hope to see y’all there!

Multigeneration Healing Blueprint

With The Oxalis Collective
Friday, January 26, 3:15-5:15pm
Many Paths Gathering Space
Hoover Room, Mezzanine Level

Post-Experience Drop-In Hour (Open To All, Many Paths Space)
Saturday January 27, 10-11am

The Multigeneration Healing Blueprint, for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color only, is an interactive workspace curated to inventory individual/collective ruptures across time, and to map out intentional pathways toward repair.

We will move the healing experience together through altar-making, sacred drumming, storytelling, body based meditation, plant medicine, and visual representation.

*This experience is for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color only.*

Oxalis’ First Live Event: Turn Poison Into Medicine: Self Care Alchemy For Difficult Times

Do you feel energized in your body? 

Do you feel in rhythm with clarity and direction?

Do you feel that your movement-building is life-affirming?

Do you feel well-supported?

Do you find sources of hope in your every day?


We are thinking about these questions and you may be, too. Let’s design some answers together. Join the Oxalis Collective for our first, public live event!

In this workspace we’ll share lessons of how to turn poison–stress, trauma, fear–into the medicine we need to sustain ourselves. It’s an alchemy of sorts, to take what the environment is offering up and transform it into the life-saving practices that will help us endure the marathon that is social justice work.

If your care supports aren’t as radically brilliant as your politics, or if you just need a healing anchor, come co-create with us as we use embodiment practices, ritual-making, and plant medicine for our collective self-care alchemy.

Saturday, December 9, 2 – 4pm

The Potter’s House, 1658 Columbia Rd NW, DC

Reserve Now. Early Bird, Sliding Scale, and Pay It Forward Options Are Available

Turn Poison Into Medicine: Self Compassion, Protection and Higher Care (Webinar) on October 30

In a little over a week, Karen L. Culpepper and Oxalis Collective, will offer its second deep-dive webinar as we enter the downward rhythm of fall–Turn Poison Into Medicine: Self Compassion, Protection and Higher Care. 

Karen wants us to get real with how life is showing up these days!  This virtual space will get into our deepest fears and sufferings, and with the gift of alchemy, transform those nuggets of darkness into elixirs of healing.

This webinar will create space and expand your personal toolbox by:

  • Taking a realistic inventory of your current rhythm of life and discover personal areas of improvement;
  • Developing goals from a space of abundance and large mind;
  • Learning the importance of protecting your energy by every means necessary;
  • Exploring how healthy social support systems can show up;
  • Learning dietary, lifestyle and herbal recommendations to support higher care. 

This webinar is offered at a sliding scale, $10 – $30.  Register here.

Can’t make it? Don’t worry. The webinar will be recorded and emailed to all participants. Webinar bundles (recordings of previous webinars) are also offered at a discount on the event page.

Hope that you can join us for this unique healing experience!

You Are Not Alone: Bringing Forth Evolved Ancestors In Our Activist Work (Webinar) on October 8

The Oxalis Collective is excited to bring its first in-depth webinar with one of its members, Richael Faithful, this upcoming weekend on October 8.

You Are Not Alone  is a virtual space intended to deepen our integration of ancestral presence and support in our political work–a deeper dive from July’s webinar, Creating Healing Spaces in Activist Groups.

What we’ll cover:

  • Share why righteous ancestral support is necessary in activism;
  • Map out the role of ancestral assistance in the African American shamanic tradition of conjure;
  • Explain the ways in which political movements have long-relied on specific kinds of ancestral support;
  • Provide specific examples of creative integrations of elevated ancestors into movement spaces from curation work;
  • LIVE: develop ideas about ancestor integration with webinar participants.


Tickets are sliding scale, $10-$30. You can either join us live on October 8 or receive the recording as part of your registration. 

Reserve your space here.

Last but not least, we highly encourage anyone who hasn’t seen our first webinar, Creating Healing Spaces in Activist Groups, to consider our bundle.  On a sliding scale you can register for We Are Not Alone and receive a recording for Creating Healing Spaces. 

See you on the interwebs!

Introducing our new name: Oxalis Collective


Hello dear ones,

It’s been an incredible few months as our work together has blossomed and developed. The three of us came together this past spring when there was clear synergy between our paths, our skill sets, and our desire to bring the beauty and power of healing to groups doing social justice and activist work.

So far, we’ve hosted our first webinar, offering some introductory tools for integrating, self-care and healing to those who joined us. If you missed it, and would still like to access the information, you can purchase a download of the video and resources here.

The mandala we created at Luminosity, the multiracial healing space we facilitated in D.C.

At the end of August we hosted our first in-person event, Luminosity: A Healing Experience Within Multi-Racial Healing Space, for The Movement 4 Black Lives Steering Committee. It was a honor to be invited to create a space for healing, and for acknowledgment of our full emotional, spiritual and embodied selves. You can read a brief reflection about this opportunity, and the mandala we created as a central activity, here.

This week we’re off to facilitate a retreat for a reproductive justice organization, and are looking forward to the opportunity to build and grow with a group of activists working with Black women and girls during this challenging time.

As we’ve strengthened our collaboration, we’ve also revisited what we call ourselves. While healing curation is the bulk of what we offer, it does not encompass fully who we are. In that vein, we’re excited to announce our new name–the Oxalis Collective!

IMG_7318 (1)
The flower that inspired our new name–Oxalis Triangularis.

Oxalis is a flower that inspired us in our exploration for a name that could hold all the aspects of our work. First off, it has three leaves, beautifully representing our triad and it’s shape. Secondly, it’s a resilient plant that grows quickly and plentifully. Pérez has one in their indoor garden which was discovered abandoned in their backyard but now has flourished indoors, multiplying rapidly. Lastly, it’s a flower that really embodies what it means to build resiliency through rest. In the evening, as the sun fades, the leaves fold down. In the morning, they spring up again, allowing the plant to absorb the light once more.

Of course we as big proponents of plant medicine, and of the lessons that the natural world has to teach us. And in this challenging time, the pattern of the Oxalis, to fold down, rest, and regenerate each night, symbolizes the work we all must do to survive this incredible marathon we are all running for social justice. We hope that our offerings help many to rest in that way, to connect with the myriad of tools available to us for healing, wellness and self-care.

So thank you for your warm welcome into this space, and we hope this new name resonants with you too!

In solidarity,

Oxalis Collective Members Miriam Zoila Pérez, Richael Faithful and Karen L. Culpepper

Richael, Pérez & Karen Host Luminosity: A Healing Experience within Multiracial Space

On Monday, August 28,  Richael, Pérez and Karen will host, Luminosity.: A Healing Experience within Multiracial Space.

Luminosity, curated by all three practitioners, is an internal healing experience, among invited organizers from The Movement 4 Black Lives coalition in DC. This experience is offered for organizers specifically, from a recognized need for healing at an individual level and among organizers.

The intention of this experience is to acknowledge and release hurt, pain, and trauma inflicted from white supremacy on our individual and interdependent psyches. Our shared goal will be to (re)-establish deep self connection, cultivate resources, and feel held within communities dedicated to the end of racialized terrorism.

We come together, in long pause, to touch the tender parts of ourselves and our ecosystems so that we do not replicate harm in our lives, our kindred, and our movements. We show up, at both a vulnerable and precious political and cultural moment, to revel in our love-sourced power & transformative vision.

Luminosity is inspired by two previous multiracial healing gatherings.

Although this first phase of Luminosity is by invitation only, if you are interested in learning more about The Movement 4 Black Lives coalition in DC, you can connect with coalition groups including Black Lives Matter DC, Showing Up for Racial Justice DC, and API Resistance.


Creating Healing Spaces in Activist Groups: A Webinar

Creating Healing Spaces in Activist Groups - July 2017 (3)

Do you ever feel like burn out, trauma or stress is getting in the way of achieving your activist goals? Do you ever wonder how we’ll maintain ourselves for the marathon that is a true movement for justice? This webinar will introduce you to individual and group-focused healing tools that will help you to center well-being in the face of challenging times. These tools are offered with activists, organizers and folks working to combat systems of oppression in mind. We believe that if we are all more grounded and clear about how to resources ourselves, our work for justice and liberation will be more effective.

We will also introduce ourselves as a new healing collaborative, and share how our healing justice framework operates as our theory of change. Lastly we will offer a tool to help you make the case for healing justice as a part of your work within your organization or group, and have time for questions and answers.

The webinar is offered at $10-$30, sliding scale.
Wednesday July 26th, 8pm-9:30pm ET

Register here!

Richael hosts ‘Be Humble: A Healing Salon’

Be Humble: A Healing Salon is an experience designed for insightful, intellectual, and inspired talk about social justice community peculiarities & intervention strategies. This salon invites you into a curated conversation about the intersections of ego, self-care, and social media, and how we intentionally embody radical living.

The salon will use a Medium essay, Be Humble, written by facilitator, Richael Faithful, as its conversation anchor. Come around for this healing justice culture project! $5 suggested donation.

Sunday June 18th, 3-5pm @ The Potter’s House 1658 Columbia Rd NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20009

Event details here.