Healing Curation

Curation is our term for creating an immersive healing-oriented experience. Sometimes these experiences are focused on individuals with support from the group environment.

Other times, these experiences focus on strengthening or balancing group dynamics.  

Our curation collection contains a range of offerings from which organizers can choose the support best for their needs.

Photo of community altar at live event featuring wine libation, honey, and plants.

We offer six types of curation based on our work so far:

  1. Original Curation: Unique healing experiences created for your group or space.
  2. Workspaces: Standard workspaces that we offer inspired by our areas of work or powerful experiences we’ve created before.
  3. Gatherings: A collection of gathering specific offerings, and dedications–bundled offerings that can be more financially accessible for groups.
  4. Retreats: A curated experience that is longer than a few hours, and are often takes place off-site from the group’s work space.
  5. Analysis: In-depth study of your group’s healing culture and recommendations to grow a more wellbeing supportive culture.
  6. Webinars: Live online or video offerings about healing approaches and tools.

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