Analysis is how we describe learning about your group and making suggestions about establishing a culture of healing, repairing a rupture, supporting healing-rooted leadership, or drawing on other wellness/healing justice experiences to create a framework for your group.


Analyses tend to address what we believe is the current state of things, what we believe requires more time and attention, and what we specifically recommend to further shape culture or orient leadership.  Analyses  can be narrow or broad depending on need. Each analysis will require us to gather data about your group, whether through a healing experience, interview, or survey.  Commonly, groups ask for analysis to accompany other healing experiences that we curate.

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General Consultations

Sometimes a group is not certain what they need in terms of healing or wellness support. General consultations are available for any group, and recommended for groups for which healing justice is new or have complex needs that require initial consideration. These consultations are beyond the standard 45-minute introductory consultation that we offer.


We offer one on one coaching for group leaders looking to develop their skills in regard to integrating a healing justice approach in their organizations. These sessions help leaders come up with ways to integrate healing justice into their organizational practices, meetings, retreats and programming, without requiring Oxalis to facilitate. It focuses on more intensive support for individuals, and requires a consistent commitment via in-person or video consultation.

Herbal Consultations

Karen L. Culpepper, our resident clinical herbalist, offers 1-on-1 herbal consultations for group members. This intensive support is designed to deeply address individual healing needs, and therefore, strengthen group relationships and dynamics. Commonly, all group members are offered the option to work with Karen, the costs of which are covered by the group.

Photo of tinctures from Karen's apothecary.