Gatherings are specifically designed for occasional events, like conferences or meetings.  As companion to Workspaces, it create a consistent thread of healing and wellness throughout a gathering, rather than in isolation.


An opening event is designed to set intention or tone for a gathering. Examples of openings include intention-setting, introductory and/or land honoring ritual, (original) themed poetic ritual, creative facilitated introductions and/or icebreakers, and/or grounding exercises such as guided movement, breathing techniques, body-based and/or drum meditation.


A closing event is designed to serve as an intentional conclusion to a gathering. Examples of events include completion ritual, gratitude ritual, facilitated group reflection or next steps conversation, and/or grounding exercises.

Living Community Altar

Altars are used by traditions throughout the world to set intentions or make requests for support. Increasingly activists, particularly activists of color, are inviting altars into their space to help ground their purpose through movement remembrance or future visioning.  Oxalis maintains an expansive view of altars in which we see each person as a living altar who alters our realities through their hope for better conditions and their commitment in making that so. Curation includes not merely a community altar itself but an interactive component to help group members connect to themselves as living altars as well.

Photo of an incomplete seed and rice mandala on a white sheet surrounded by plants, flowers, jars, bubbles and other items.

Refuge Room

The refuge room is a separate area from the main space designed for group members’ restoration. Its setup and activities are aimed to help group members release stress or reground/center during difficult moments. A Refuge Room may contain a theme, and  may be staffed or unstaffed. Examples of activities include reflective reading, tea station, herbal support, wisdom cards, instructions/materials for physical movement, meditation space, clearing station, written affirmations and/or a community altar for quiet time. The goal of the Refuge Room is to encourage a rejuvenated pause so that folks can return to the main space in their best form.


Dedications are bundles of several offerings that are similar to one another, have a synergistic quality when in combination, and/or have been the most frequently requested in our past group work.

Each dedication is tiered based a group’s annual operating budget, and are slightly discounted from individual itemized offerings. Visit Work With Us to see the cost comparison.

Black and white photo of Sylvia Ray Rivera, Marsha P. Johnson, Barbara Deming, and Kady Vandeurs at City Hall rally.
“Gay rights activists Sylvia Ray Rivera, Marsha P. Johnson, Barbara Deming, and Kady Vandeurs at City Hall rally for gay rights.” The New York Public Library Digital Collections.

Sylvia Rivera Dedication

  • Opening
  • Closing
  • Themed curation workspaces (2)
  • Living community altar
  • Custom Tea Station (1 hour, 50 people)
Community activist Grace Lee Boggs addresses the audience at an unidentified meeting.
Grace Lee Boggs, 1980s – 1990s. Source:

Grace Lee Boggs Dedication

  • Opening
  • Closing
  • Living community altar
Fannie Lou Hamer singing during the 1966 March Against Fear.
Source: Jim Peppler, Alabama Dept. of Archives and History via Zinn Education Project.

Fannie Lou Hamer Dedication

  • Clinical Herbal Consultations (4 hours, one day)
  • DIY Herbal Tea Station
  • Herbal Support Packages (up to 50 people)