Design & Facilitation

Oxalis is excited to design and facilitate retreat time. What we offer that is distinct from other facilitators is intentional space-setting, teaching and facilitation around healing-specific themes, and practical tools to support individual or group well-being. Themes include individual/group wellness, acknowledging group rupture and pathways for repair, trust rebuilding, and healing justice culture-creating.

Photo of sunrise at horizon in mountainous Pennsylvania.


Value of Healing Retreat Space

We have learned that the retreat environment plays a significant role toward meeting healing and wellness goals. We strongly suggest that groups take the following into consideration when choosing a retreat space.

  • Not in, and away from, typical office spaces or work areas
  • Amount and accessibility to green space/nature/outdoors
  • Quality of nourishing food, snacks, and water
  • Availability of individual rooms and separate rooms/spaces
  • History of land and land stewardship
  • Ability to perform ritual, including use of fire (candles, smudging, open ritual fire)

We are also willing to make recommendations for retreat spaces in Virginia, Maryland, and DC.