Webinars are our live  online or video offerings about healing approaches and tools. We view media as an important way to share knowledge, share tools, and give inspiration to individual activists and group members.

All of our offerings are still available on a sliding scale at our online store

Photo of Karen, Perez, and Richael appearing in individual video windows for webinar.




Creating Healing Spaces for Activist Groups

This pre-recorded webinar video is curated for those looking for suggestions on how to bring healing practices into your activist spaces. It comes with a set of written resources to fuel your work.

You Are Not Alone: Bringing Forth Evolved Ancestors

This pre-recorded webinar is curated to deepen ancestral support in your activist work and life. You’ll leave with a better sense of how to call on those who have come before, and who are ready to walk alongside you.

Turn Poison Into Medicine: Self Compassion and Higher Care

This pre-recorded webinar is packed full of insights about assessing your wellbeing, transforming old patterns, and learning herbal tools for succeeding in this difficult time.