Workspaces (like workshops but more participatory) are themed curation best fit for conferences, gatherings, retreats, or other spaces. They are listed in alphabetical order with descriptions and an estimated length of time.

Photo of table with green plants, jar candles, and mandala of seeds and rice on white cloth.

(Afro)Past Mapping Futures For All of Us  (1 hour)

This workspace is dedicated to honoring the mental, emotional, and sacred technologies of our African diasporic elders and ancestors that are relevant for our (w)holisitic political futures.

Anatomy of a Story + Self Accountability Mirror (2 hours)

This workspace breaks down falsehoods we create about charged events that have happened, and explains a tool to help more intentionally respond to events that activate or trigger us.

Centering Trifecta (2 hours, 30 minutes)

This a three-part offering designed around individual and group centering, which includes movement meditation, drum meditation, and journaling exercise.

Custom Tea Station

Karen provides a variety of freshly-sourced herbs for participants to blend a custom tea. As each participant approaches the station, Karen will consult about each herbs’ medicinal properties and the participant will have an opportunity to create and enjoy their unique herbal tea blend. This is designed to be a fun and interactive consultation process in a group setting.

Display of three handmade tea cups, including holy basil tea (left), heat spice tea (right) and calm tea (below).

DIY Herbal Support

This station is an unstaffed self-care table that provides a variety of herbal supports, including floral sprays, grounding crystals, glycerites and tinctures (calm, energy, heart space, and digestive support, among others).  During the day, this station can serve as a clearing and grounding touch point, and provide additional support for hard or emotional conversations or sessions. Toward the end of the day, the station can direct group clearing and grounding as participants leave the space.

Embodied Radical Self Care (1 hour, 30 minutes)

This workspace offers embodied self-care tools, including self-massage, and practical, seasonal herbal medicine for a daily practice.

Healing Justice Accountability 101 (1 hour, 30 minutes)

This workspace shares an accountability model, rooted in context, compassion, and care, that promotes ownership of, and truth-telling about, harmful actions by people in power.

Herbal Support Packages

Support packages are wonderful herb-infused bundles to support general well-being or for emergency use. Packages may include: a custom blended herbal tea, a tincture (alcohol based), a glycerite (non-alcohol based), herb infused honey, clearing spray, bath sachet or sleep sachet.

Introduction to Healing Justice (2 hours)

This introductory workspace uses multimedia, small groups, and mapping to form a foundational understanding of the healing justice framework.

Let’s Get Present: Mindfulness Skills (1 hour, 30 minutes)

This workspace is an opportunity to explore how being mindful and present in the physical, emotional and spiritual body can help us show up more fully. Designed to be interactive, participants take part in a series of individual, partnered, and group exercises to identify common conditioned responses that often reflect the lack of presence in our lives, and experience mindfulness tools that reinforce presence, mindfulness and participation.

Liberatory Healing (2 hours, 30 minutes)

This healing circle, derived from the Black diasporic healing tradition of conjure, creates space for storytelling, drum meditation and ritualized visioning for self-healing within a positive world-building vision.

Multigeneration Healing Blueprint (2 hours, 30 minutes)

MHB is a workspace designed to help people of color identify inherited negative patterns of being, and their intersections with systems of oppression, and create a preliminary blueprint for deep healing at root levels for self and ecosystems that their selves inhabit.

Play As Justice Pedagogy (1 hour, 30 minutes)

This playspace will share about the ways that we understand play as being part of reclaiming our wellbeing. Through games, humor, and other fun, we explore how this reclamation of ourselves connects to our movements and justice-seeking.

Righteous Ancestors In Activist Work (2 hours)

This workspace, based off a webinar, delves into ways in which ancestor connection has historically been part of Black organizing in the U.S., and shares examples about how to bring forth more ancestral support in our movement spaces today.

Photo of hand playing large frame drum.

Self Compassion and Higher Care for Activists (1 hour, 30 minutes)

Inspired by a webinar offering, this space creates the opportunity to take personal inventory around self care, higher (self) care and healing. Together we will explore the difference between apathy, sympathy, empathy, compassion and transformative tools such as mindful self compassion, boundaries and social support.