Work With Us

Photo of Karen, Richael, and Perez with an Oxalis plant.


1. The best way to reach us to talk about collaborating is completing our Contact Form.


2. We’ll follow-up to schedule a 45 minute first meeting.

3. If we decide to work together, then we’ll create a proposal.

4. Once we’ve agreed on the proposal, we’ll contract, and formally start our collaboration.

Kind Words About Us

I found the luminosity process to profoundly moving and trans formative. Oxalis created a space for me to move outside of analysis and critical thinking and beyond emotive reasoning into deeply somatic healing. I was surprised at how necessary getting in touch with my body was and how generative their somatic practices could be. I felt both held and invited to gently push myself towards wellness at the same time. 

Aaron G. Washington D.C.


Our goal is for our work to be accessible for the movements, communities and people who are fostering our positive futures.

We use a  sliding scale based  on a group’s annual operating budget, and we are even more flexible for grassroots groups. Currently we base our sliding scale on estimated hours of preparation and in-person time. Our typical sliding scale range is from $75-$175 an hour.

Our Workspaces, Gatherings, and General Consultations, Coaching, and Herbal Consultations have standard rates.

Our Original Curation, Retreats, Analysis, and Herbal Offerings costs depend on the Collective’s time commitment.


General questions –

Want to work with us? Please complete this survey.

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