The Oxalis Collective is three experienced socially-engaged healers of color committed to providing healing support to activists.

Through healing curation, we offer a comprehensive collection of tools intended to establish healing justice practice within groups to generate long-term sustainability and well-being for justice movements.

Healing curation offers two kinds of support: on-site support and organizational support.

Our on-site support intends to help people, particularly activists, participate more sustainably at gatherings, conferences, and retreats, which often reinforce the nature of the problem we seek to resolve, encourage burnout, and undervalue the well-being of individuals themselves. Our long-term goal is that this healing justice model deepens pathways for people to link their wholeness at individual, group, and communal levels to their systemic level work, and further develop tools for folks own healing and care.

We’ve also developed a set of offerings for organizations looking for support within their group to help members work and be together more effectively on an ongoing basis.

While we are all deeply committed to social justice and working with folks doing activism in service of marginalized communities, we are also open to working with any groups who see the benefit of integrating healing curation in service of their mission.

We hope that our work as the Oxalis Collective serves a resource for your creative forward-looking vision.

To learn more about this opportunity, check out our detailed offerings, and get in touch.